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Where We Are

an audiovisual project

Where We Are

On the 10th of May at 2pm 2015 “ Where are we…” was broadcast on the arts show on Westport radio.

It consisted of on location interviews with five people who transverse between the arts and another life;

Poet/Farmer - Artist/Angler- Florist/Art student- Priest/Dancer- Vet/Singer

The show was relayed through five large studio produced “old school” horn speakers which visually transmit the notion of sound. These were placed in three isolated locations to which the broadcast went out live. It was filmed doing so. 

This was a very collaborative and layered work with each link in the chain key to the back and forth of the narrative, with both the shifting and combining of space and place. Iterated by the voices in their own specific spaces, the radio station and presenter, the three film crews, to the public airwaves into the listeners’ private and intimate space, to the empty space in which they were filmed, hundreds of miles cumulating in an hour on the airwaves and on to a new audience when exhibited.

I hope the voices continue to echo.